RALI shark L

The only firmer chisel which saws and scrapes
Function Firmer chisel multifunction
Material Plastic resistive to temperatures between -20°C and +60°C
Knife type Firmer chisel
Nbr of Knives 3 knives (one of each size)
Resharpenable No
Included 3 blades
Stock status
Multifunction firmer chisel with interchangeable blades, to use as a traditional firmer chisel. 3 widths of cut: 25, 30 and 40mm with only one tool. Saving of place and weight in the toolbox: one tool instead of 3 chisels. And furthermore a tool always perfectly sharpened. The change of knife is done in few seconds. The removable knives can be resharpened. In option, it can be used as a scraper with its adapter for TERSA knives. And for only 5 grams more, it replaces the jigsaw.

Strong points

Always sharp

Thanks to interchangeable blades and without resharpener

Change of blade in few seconds

A makeover in 5 seconds

3 knives in one tool, and much more!

25, 30 and 40mm on one tool

And for only 5 grams more, a jigsaw

Thanks to adapters for blades of jigsaw

A firmer chisel which scrapes

With all the qualities of a TERSA knife

Saving of weight and volume

A tool for 3 widths, a saw and a scraper


Technical sheet

KnifeChrome steel
Nbr of Knives3 knives (one of each size)
Upper angle of cut30°
Width of cut 230
MaterialPlastic resistive to temperatures between -20°C and +60°C
Country of ManufactureSwitzerland
FunctionFirmer chisel multifunction
Knife typeFirmer chisel
Lower angle of cut
Width of cut 125
Width of cut 340
Included3 blades