Systainer 220 Exclusive +

The totally in chrome one for pros, perfectly arranged
Function Case for handplanes and rebates planes
Color orange
Brand RALI
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This is a complete equipment case: Planes + Rebates planes + chisels with its new systainer case snap-on. Its Systainer case allows you to take all your tools to the job site. Always stored, always ready, always operational with its interchangeable blades.

The Systainer 220 Exclusive + case includes :

- 1 systainer snap-on RALI + 2 protective foam
- 1 hand plane  RALI 220 Evolution N
- 1 One-handed plane RALI 105 Evolution N
- 1 Rebate plane RALI G30 Evolution N
- 1 Rebate plane RALI B03 Evolution N
- 1 Rebate plane RALI G03 Evolution N
- 1 Rebate plane guide for G03 Evolution N
- 1 Scraper 
- 1 Maintenance kit
- 1 carbide steel blade 48 mm
- 1 carbide steel blade 30 mm
- 18 Chrome steel blade 48 mm
- 13 Chrome steel blade 30 mm
- RALI Shark Case Exclusive (multifunction firmer chisel with interchangeable blades, to use as a traditional firmer chisel. 9 widths of cut: 10, 12, 14, 18, 20, 22, 25, 30 and 40mm with only 3 tools. And furthermore a tool always perfectly sharpened. The change of knife is done in few seconds. The removable knives can be resharpened.)

Strong points

The exclusive complete offer

All the necessary tools for pros in one Systainer

The essentials for planing

5 handplanes included: 2 surfacing planes + 3 rebate plane.
Functions: roughing, finishing, rabbeting

Everything you need to chisel, scrape, cut

The most complete multifunctional wood chisel case with 36 accessories. With the supplied adapters, turn your chisel into a scraper and a saw.

A complete protection

All your tools are perfectly stalled, protected against shocks

A perfectly fitted case

All your handplanes and chisels in a single Systainer case that can be clipped together with all your other equipment.
Your blades (handplanes + chisels) and accessories remain directly accessible in the dedicated compartment.

Mobile in every moment

The perfect system to bring on every construction site

5 years warranty offered

The SWISS CARE warranty is offered for any purchase of Evolution N handplane.
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Technical sheet

Product code118208
L x H x W396x296x157
FunctionCase for handplanes and rebates planes