Choosing the right
rabbet plane

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To understand clearly

1 – What is a rabbet plane ? 

The rabbet plane is an indispensable tool for amateurs and professionals in woodworking or cabinetmaking!

The rabbet plane is a narrower plane, the main difference being that the width of the metal blade is perfectly equal to the width of the tool body. The rabbet planer is used only on small surfaces.

Its functionality is almost identical to that of the standard plane, that is, it is used to create or enlarge a rabbet, a strip or other and to dig grooves.

There are different types of rabbet planes depending on the type of work to be done. Depending on the model, they can be used with two hands for important work requiring greater precision or with one hand. Generally, the iron is placed in the center of the sole and therefore, the finishing must be done with an end rabbet (iron placed on the front of the rabbet).


Make the right choice

2 – Choose your rabbet plane ? 

As we have seen previously, several models of planes exist. To choose it is important to know what you will use it for, especially for occasional use.

Moreover, for the enlightened amateurs and the professionals of wood, it is necessary to know that our tools are completely complementary to be able to face all situations and all types of projects without having to make a choice.

Unlike traditional planes, RALI’s rabbet planes feature an interchangeable blade system that allows you to work on all types of wood with the same tool and still be operational.

With this unique concept, it is no longer necessary to sharpen your knives.

lame rali

RALI innovation

3 – Key points of RALI rabbet planes

Beyond the characteristics and specificities of each rabbet plane, our planes all have some important points in common:

  • Ultra easy settings thanks to the red lever for cutting depth adjustment
  • No more sharpening thanks to the reversible bicutting blades
  • Blades are always parallel thanks to the automatic blade setting
  • Tools suitable for all types of wood thanks to chrome-plated blades (soft wood) or tungsten carbide blades (hard wood). Only one plane for all woods, just change the blade.
  • Blades are compatible with all RALI rabbet planes.

+ 5 YEARS FREE WARRANTY on the Evolution N range.

RALI innovation

4 – The different RALI rabbet planes

Although the main role of a rabbet plane is to smooth, there are several models that each have their specificities and have the advantage of existing to meet the expectations of everyone and for different projects. 

Indeed, at RALI we offer the G30 Evolution N, the G03 Evolution N, the B30 Evolution N, as well as the pocket guillaume RALI pocket.

The best rabbet plane

5 – The G30 Evolution N 

High-end two-handed rabbet plane for professional use and for the discerning hobbyist. The guide provided with the G30 will be an invaluable help for beating and rabbets. Its heavy sole gives it a good inertia. The mouth is adjustable, so you can plane woods that tend to jam as well as green woods.

The nickel plating on the sides ensures optimal protection against corrosion over time.

The best rabbet plane in its class for optimal precision.

See the technical sheet

The best seller rabbet plane

6 -The G03 Evolution N 

This one-handed guillaume will be your best companion thanks to its minimal space requirement.

Its laterally adjustable blade allows for perfectly adjusted angle planing.

The optional guide provided with the G03 will be an invaluable aid for woodworkers. As with the G30, its heavy sole gives it good inertia. 

The unique 30mm interchangeable blade system allows you to work on both soft and hard woods with the same tool. Changing the blades takes only a few seconds.

This is THE tool that will assist you in any situation.

See the technical sheet

The finishing rabbet plane

7 – The B30 Evolution N 

The ultimate bull nose plane, for a perfect finish.

This tool is often used as a complement to the G03 or G30 planes.

Its blade located at the end of the tool allows you to plane in the corners and in the smallest nooks. 

The adjustment of the blade is done very easily thanks to the red lever.

The B30 is an absolutely essential finishing plane for its practicality.

See the technical sheet

the occasional rabbet plane

8 – The RALI Pocket

This one or two-handed plane will fit in your toolbox thanks to its small size and minimal weight.

Its lightweight sole makes it easy to handle and perfect for occasional use or small projects.

It is the ideal pocket guillaume for amateurs.

See the technical sheet

RALI equipment offers (with rabbet planes)

RALI gives you the opportunity today to equip yourself with professional tool cases at manufacturer’s prices.

The duo case G03 + B30 will allow you to take your rabbet planes on all your worksites as well as in the workshop.

The RALI Systainer equipment offers include all the rabbet planes in a Festool compatible case as well as all the smoothing planes.

These cases are intended for professionals and demanding enthusiasts.

The ideal rabbet planes pack

Rabbet planes case G03 + B30

See the technical sheet
The top of the range of woodworking cases, for all wood


See the technical sheet

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