RALI 220 C

There is nothing better for chamfering
Function Carpenter handplane
Length 220 mm
Sole Heavy
Back plate Adjustable
Throat opening Adjustable
Blade depth Adjustable
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Rebate plane developed especially for carpentry work. The central guide makes possible to guide the edge and to make a consequent chamfer in a single passage. The wood grip is 1.5mm maximum, about three times more than with a traditional handplane.

Strong points

Chamfer in a single passage

Catch of 1.6mm

No more sharpening

Double-edged and reversible blades

Easy setting

Red lever for instant cutting depth adjustment

Blade always 90° to sole

Automatic adjustment of the blade

For all sorts of timber

Chrome or tungsten carbide blade

Modern and ergonomic design

Handy and suitable for all kind of hand


Technical sheet

Length220 mm
Nbr of Knives1
Back plateAdjustable
Throat openingAdjustable
Blade depthAdjustable
Blade typeconvex
Included4 chrome steel blades
L x H x W230x215x60
FunctionCarpenter handplane
Double-edged bladeYes
Country of ManufactureSwitzerland