All the essential woodworking features combined in one set

1- Scraping

All RALI bench planes are equipped with a unique system of interchangeable blades.

This feature mainly ensures that the tools are always operational.

With the 2 types of blades in the handle, you can work both hard and soft woods with the same tool.

The ultra-simple settings also make it possible to work the wood both in finishing and in roughing.

Just one plane for all these functions. No more sharpening.

rali shark

2 – Chiseling

The RALI SHARK chisels have a unique system of interchangeable knives.

There are 9 sizes of blades available from 10 to 40mm.

The chiseling function is very precise and the change of blade is done in
seconds. Sharpening is also no longer necessary.

The RALI SHARK Exclusive case includes all the tool holders with all the blades.

Accessories included in the case provide additional features such as sawing, scraping and peeling.


3 – Scraping

The RALI SHARK L chisel can be transformed into a very practical scraper thanks to the adapters provided in the case.

This feature is very practical when you need to remove paint, varnish, scrape composite, etc..

Several sizes of blades are also provided for scraping

rali shark
rali shark

4 – Sawing

With the saw adapter, you can transform your tool holder into an ultra-practical auxiliary saw.

The blades to use are simply jigsaw blades (wood, iron).

Various adapters are included.

This feature is very convenient for sawing :

  • a piece of wood ;
  • a metal rod ;
  • cutting a PVC pipe;
  • cutting in plasterboard ;
  • etc…

5 – Peeling

Always with the same RALI SHARK tool holder, you can also use this tool to remove labels, stickers, glue, etc

All these features are included in the RALI SHARK case.

This unique concept of multifunctional chisels has been awarded at the international Eurobois trade fair.

rali shark

The ideal equipment for woodworking

 complete or to be configured according to your needs

RALI Systainer case

The decision to buy tools is often a complex one, especially when a brand offers a wide range of tools.

In order to satisfy the most demanding needs, RALI has put together in a single case, a concentrate of technology through a large panel of our tools. You will find all the functionalities of planing, chiseling, scraping, sawing and peeling inside with the different tools (bench planes, rabbet planes, wood chisels, scrapers…).

A real Swiss Army knife for professionals, amateurs or wood enthusiasts that you can bring everywhere with you.

In addition to that, our Systainer woodworking cases are provided with interchangeable blades, which will avoid you to sharpen your tools in your workshop or on your work sites..

A real time saving, space saving and a concentrate of features.

mallette rali

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