Discover how we’ve revolutionized woodworking
with tools that are always ready for use and ultra-fast settings

Instant settings

Chipbreaker, cutting depth and mouth settings in seconds.

With the Evolution N range, ultra-simple settings are accessible to all.

10 seconds to change blade

With our unique concept, your work will never be interrupted.

Simply flip over the double-cut blade of your RALI plane, and off you go!

9 seconds to set the chipbreaker

No more annoying plane settings.

The red RALI wheel makes chipbreaker adjustment simple and instantaneous.

20 seconds to set the mouth

For major deburring jobs, simply unscrew the 2 screws on the soleplate using the wrench in the plane’s handle.

Simple, fast and efficient

Works on all types of wood

Change from chrome (softwood) to tungsten (hardwood) blades in seconds !

Don’t change your plane, just your blade !


No more sharpening needed

Your blade’s edge is dull and you can’t work anymore.
From now on, you don’t need to waste time sharpening your classic plane irons – simply change the blade.

Original RALI blades are exceptionally long-lasting. Cutting angles always respected

Smoothing or chiseling incident

A nail, a screw hidden in the wood… and your work probably has to stop.

With RALI hand tools, all you have to do is flip the blade over to continue your work.

Change cut widths without changing the tool

No need to have a chisel for each cutting width.
It only takes a few seconds to change the accessory on the tool holder.

Save time and space with the RALI SHARK chisel concept.

Modular tools

With the RALI SHARK innovation, simply change the tool’s function using the adapters supplied.

Functions carving, chiseling, cutting, scraping in seconds with a single tool.

Everything included in our Systainer cases

Quickly find all your RALI tools in a professional, Festool-compatible Systainer case.

So your tools are always accessible, well protected over time and easy to transport.

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