Which blade for which use ?

There are two types of knives for RALI handplanes. Chrome steel knives for standard use and tungsten carbide knives for hard timber or abrasive materials.

Chrome steel blades:

For use with soft to medium timber, fir type. Available in 3 versions :

48 mm

 for handplanes 105, 220 et 260, with rounded angles



30 mm

for rebate G30, B03, G03, Pocket Pocket with sharp angles


30 mm

for RALI matic handplane, with rounded angles


Tungsten carbide blade (hard metal) :

For use with medium hard timber, glued panels, MDF, OSB, BLC, aluminium. Available in 2 versions :

48 mm

for handplanes 105,220 and 260, with rounded angles



30 mm

for handplanes G30, B03, G03, Pocket with cutting angles


The blades for surfacing planes are slightly curved, so as not to leave marks when planing a surface.
The blades for rebate planes are perfectly flat.

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