Multifonctions firmel chisels

15 applications examples

Swiss Quality – Swiss Design

Innovative tools in a compact, practical case!

Premium RALI set with 3 multifunctional wood chisels with interchangeable blades, including 9 cutting widths: 10, 12, 14, 18, 20, 22, 25, 30 and 40 mm with three tool holders, to be used like your traditional wood chisels.

Save space and weight in your toolbox: one tool holder instead of 3 chisels! Moreover, they’re always perfectly sharpened and ready to use.

Changing knives takes just seconds. Removable knives can be resharpened.

Additional adapters are supplied in this exclusive box to add two extra functions: Scraping and Cutting.

Weighing less than 500gr, this set alone replaces 13 tools.

Ultra-compact, it’s the ideal set to bring with you to any worksite or workshop – a true “Swiss Army knife” for the DIY enthusiast!

Firmer chisels case
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15 examples of practical applications


Main function: Chiseling

Finishing a mortise

Finishing a rebate or groove

Varnish removal

Cutting a glue joint

Precise cutting of a finished product

Cleaning a glue joint

Trimming a veneered edge
(wood or PVC)

Repairing a door strike

Function: SCRAPING

Scrape a glue joint

Scraping varnish in a corner

Scraping paint in rebates

Function: SAWING

Adjusting the size of a housing cut-out

Sawing a piece of wood (jigsaw blade)

Sawing a nail or metal tube

RALI SHARK wood chisels presented and tested by professionals

This case includes even more accessories (than the Shark Case Evolution).

It includes 1 scraper, 3 adapters for standard saw blades and a blade for each width, 3 professional Bosch jigsaw blades (wood, aluminum and steel) and a 50mm hard metal blade for the scraper.

Your tools and accessories are neatly organized and well protected in a small, easily transportable case. It slips easily into your Systainer case or other…

Exclusive version with black design for demanding professionals and hobbyists.

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